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We bring small local businesses and investors together to create a more vibrant local economy.

Our Core Values

Diversity and equality

We want every person of every color, gender, economic status, etc., to feel included in our community.  Treating people equally does not mean treating them the same.

Compassion and Connection

We strive for compassion and connection to people and the planet, to be good neighbors, to encourage diversity and community engagement.

Productive resilience

We encourage every person to be part of the production, not just the consumption, of goods and services to create freedom and security.

the team


We are a group of Altadena residents who want to build strong community ties and a strong and resilient local economy that benefits our whole community. While we believe in volunteerism, we also believe that each person needs to make a living and should be rewarded for their contributions.  We believe in interdependence, diversity and equality, and compassion.

Alana Steele

Alana is an attorney with 20+ years in the energy generation industry, including renewable energy project development.  She has spent the last several years investing in real estate in her community and helping small businesses meet their challenges so they can grow. Alana most desires that all people are able to make a living, rather than a few people making a killing.

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